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Market globalization. Corporate restructuring. Spiraling costs. Increased regulation. We understand the pressures facing pharmaceutical and biotechnology developers today.

IMETICS provides you a comprehensive selection of proven services under a single management structure, from the earliest stages of drug development through clinical trials and commercialization.

Our Clinical Project Managers ensure successful projects by providing the services and support you need. Our attention to details, budgets and regulatory requirements promotes rapid progress of clinical trials.

Despre Imetics

IMETICS provides a complete range of clinical research consulting services to the clinical divisions of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, and clinical trial units.

Resurse Umane

Experti in Studii de Bioechivalenta

IMETICS has a great expertise in the field of bioequivalence and biosimilars. We offer a range of services in this field, working with several Romanian and EU sites in performing the clinical and analytical part of these trials. IMETICS can provide the following services: For the pre-authorization phase of the study - preparation of documentation: investigator's brochure , study protocol , CRF , informed consent, providing clinical trial preparation and submission of documentation to the Ethics Committee and NAMMD (National Authority of Medicine and Medical Devices) . For the postclinical phase: conducting statistical study (PK / PD) , statistical determinations for clinical results, pharmacokinetic report , final report of the study, the investigator dossier compilation.

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